TOP 5 Supermodels from Africa

The African continent has presented the world of fashion with many exotic black beauties. After looking at the portfolio and track record of the achievements of these girls, as well as evaluating their contribution to social life, we single out five African pearls and arrange them in random order.

Waris Dirie

A classic story about Cinderella, who achieved success in life thanks to her beauty and incredibly hard work. Waris was born in Somalia (1965) in a low-income large family. The unenviable fate of many African women awaited her if she had not run away from home at age 13 and moved to London with the help of an influential relative. In his family, the girl lived for several years, performing the duties of a servant. Like many famous models, it was discovered by photographer Malcolm Fairchild. Waris not only worked on the catwalk but also starred in advertising for world brands Revlon, Benetton and others, in music videos and even in feature and documentary films. In the personal life of the girl, too, everything turned out. She got married and gave birth to a baby. In addition to a modeling career, Waris has written several books and is engaged in active social activities. He is a UN representative and helps women in Africa.

Liya Kebede

Born in Ethiopia (1978). Famous fashion model, actress, and designer. The girl began a modeling career in Ethiopia, and then, on the advice of an agent, she moved to Paris. Liya took part in many promotions and shows of famous fashion designers. The supermodel was repeatedly met at the enchanting show Victoria’sSecret. She was the face of Yves Saint Laurent and Estee Lauder. Liya is also the creator of the Lemlem children’s clothing collection. By the way, Liya Kebede played a major role in the film about the fate of another African pearl, Waris Dirie’s Desert Flower. For some time she was at the TOP of the highest-paid supermodels in the world. The girl has two children. Liya has created a charity fund named after her, combating child mortality, and also serves as an ambassador for the World Health Organization on maternal, newborn and child health.

Agbani Darego

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Originally from Nigeria (1982). A girl from a large and poor family since childhood dreamed of the modeling business. At home, participated in various beauty contests. Agbani starred a lot for advertising and attended various model contests. She, a black African, in 2001 was the first to win the title of Miss World. Agbani Darego also entered the top ten at the other prestigious contest “Miss Universe”.

Dji Dieng

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The model spent her childhood at home in Senegal (year of birth 1985), eventually moving with her family to France, and then to the USA. In addition to the main modeling activity, she starred in Supermax music videos, collaborated with leading world modeling agencies. Dji represented such brands as Make-up For Ever, Coca-Cola Light, Alfa Romeo, Vivienne Westwood, NOKIA. Dji has 125 cm longest legs in the world. Dji Dieng saw the poverty of the African continent, so now, having become rich organizes charity events, is UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Iman Abdulmajid

And, of course, the incomparable Iman is the wife of the legendary David Bowie. Originally from Somalia (1955). Unlike the vast majority of African girls, Iman received a brilliant education. Model career began after the move of the future star of the catwalks in the United States. She was the muse of Yves Saint Laurent himself, becoming the face of his African Queen collection. In addition to the career of a supermodel, Iman in the 80s and 90s starred in many films. The most famous paintings with her participation: “From Africa”, “Surrender”, “There is no way out”. Iman is also a successful businesswoman. Her offspring are IMAN Cosmetics, Skincare & Fragrances and IMAN Global Chic. Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid is a participant in the program “Let’s Save the Children’s Life”.

All these girls, having different starting possibilities, but possessing true beauty and a sharp mind, managed to reach heights not only in the modeling business. They have revealed their talent in film and writing, are engaged in charity work and are an inspiring example for thousands of young African women.

African Women Love Immodest Parties

We decided to question the locals and find out how women come off in Africa. For many, this place is associated with poverty, hunger and wild morals of a huge number of tribes reigning everywhere. However, in spirit, this continent is quite close to Eurasia. Countries have long gone through a sexual revolution, and local women adore short skirts and immodest parties.

“Five years ago, we in South Africa discussed the frenzied revelry of tycoon Kenny Kunene. To his extravagant parties, he poured some crazy amounts of money. To attend such a party was considered very prestigious. On them, he and his companions constantly shocked the audience. So, on one, completely naked white fashion models carried sushi and rolls on their bodies,” said an entertainment industry employee named Lindiz, who lives in Cape Town.

According to the South African, some considered Kunene to be a woman-hater and a racist, while others believed that his act was a spit in the face of the poor. In a country where they always reacted painfully to any mention of skin color, a real scandal erupted. Blacks immediately recalled how white millionaires threw parties that cost 800 thousand dollars. By the way, representatives of both races were hanging out on them.

In general, South Africans love to have fun, says Lindiz. “Eighty percent of the population of our country are Christians. Women here like to have a real blast. They can calmly relax: smoke a cigarette, drink something stronger. In public places, smoking was banned back in 2000, but there are specially designated places for this. Some even prefer weed or some other drugs,” the South African continued.


How to Become a Part of the Coco Party?

Lindiz says that in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the nightlife is constantly in full swing. Most often, local party-goers go to Long Street in Cape Town, where there is an endless series of bars, restaurants, karaoke, and nightclubs: “It looks like Avenue in New York, this street does not sleep at all. Those girls who want to be served at the highest level go to Coco. This is the most expensive and elite place in the city. There is a designer interior. Many women come here to meet local moneybags or men who have already made a name for themselves. In general, in Coco, you can coolly dance. Hip Hop, Dancehall, R’n’B are here.”

According to a resident of Cape Town, before going to this elite club, girls spend hours in beauty salons doing makeup, hairstyles, and manicures, then they go to shopping centers to choose beautiful dresses, handbags, and shoes. “To be part of the Coco party, you have to look very expensive.”

Those who enjoy hanging out in the pool with a glass of champagne spend time at Mother City’s deluxe Shimmy Beach Club on the seafront. Here, elderly businessmen with young spouses, representatives of the LGBT community, socialite, crime lords, and escort girls hang out side by side.

“Actually, for gays and lesbians, we have many separate clubs. Some appeared back in 1994 when the country openly started talking about homosexuality. There are places where, for example, from Wednesday to Saturday it is customary to come in one underwear. If you go in clothes these days, you will have to pay a fine, “says one of the residents.

“They love to show off at your expense”

In other African countries, the nightlife is also in full swing. In Uganda, for example, it is mainly concentrated in the capital, the city of Kampala. Girls can choose bars, night clubs, and casinos of any level. Also, there are a lot of places for lovers of sex tourism. Those who just want to hang out go to clubs of the European level. These are quite large: two-story buildings, where two or three dance floors are installed.

“Many women from Uganda rather frivolously dance, trying to attract attention and please men. Although some just come off to the fullest, having fun until you drop in their companies. In our country, this is more complicated in Nigeria: half of the population are Muslims, the other half are Christians. Protestants and Catholics can have fun, and followers of the Prophet wrap themselves from head to toe and do not attend such institutions, “said a Nigerian named Victor, who lives in Abuja.

According to him, those who want a real nightlife, it is better to go to the capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa. “Ethiopians are funny, party, they dance beautifully. They do not require a special dress code – some come in shorts and T-shirts. Many girls are generally very relaxed. At the same time, they like to show off at your expense, “Nigerian shares his impressions.

Victor says that prices in Ethiopia are low, another thing is the very north of Africa – Morocco. Here you will have to pay at least 30 euros to just get into the club, spend a few tens of euros on a glass of cocktail or a glass of vodka. “Even though Muslim women live there, they are quite secular, so nothing prevents them from relaxing and relaxing in nightclubs with men,” he said.

Nude and Innocent

In those African countries where civilization makes its way slowly, and unshakable traditions and foundations prevail around, people live on subsistence farming, sleep in makeshift huts and wear traditional clothes, and also have parties. These events only look different. For example, the kingdom of Esvatini, which until 2018 was called Swaziland. This is a generally Christian country where, in spite of everything, they believe in the spirits of their ancestors and favor polygamy.

According to Lindiz, they often go there directly from South Africa, since it’s a few hours drive by car. The society here is very traditional. In villages, men and women live separately – each in their territory. All housework rests on the female shoulders, and the spouse usually shares the best with her husband. So, for example, he gets the most delicious food.

It is not surprising that after such labors women want to rest. They make a fire and begin to sing and dance, many bring treats from home. From the side, it looks like ordinary women’s gatherings. Another thing is the Umhlanga holiday, which is celebrated at the very end of August-early September. Young girls from all over the country come to the city of Lobambu – tens of thousands. The main rule for the participants is that girls should be innocent and always naked.

Before heading to Lobamba, the girls receive permission from the leader of their tribe. Then they are placed in large huts near the place of celebration. All this time they are fed and watered at the expense of the treasury. They prepare for this important day in advance: wash, cut the stems of the reed, sew capes from light fabric, on which King Mswati III is depicted. Holding a cane, they dance to the beat of drums and sing songs for the head of state. The monarch arrives on holiday in the shoes of a leopard.

It is believed that dancing in a translucent cloak, they pay tribute to the king and the entire ruling dynasty. Everyone is trying to show their best side. The monarch changes his wife every year, so many Esvatini subjects hope in this way to draw the attention of the king and marry him.